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We are an old man in this business for more than 10 years. As one of the few manufacturers in the world, the factory covers an area of 20000 square meters, with Heidelberg printing unit, exposure machine, etching machine, electroplating machine, measuring machine and other high-end production equipment. After more than ten years of precipitation, we not only have an experienced professional team, but also continue to introduce highly educated, high-quality young talents, in order to meet the constantly updated market demand.

scannable fake ids

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4800 +
The best thing is that our Scannable Fake ID versions are always updated by the newest real ones, if you need older versions please contact us before placing an order. The production process is operated under strict QC standards to ensure that every card from here is 100% quality and speed as promised to our customers.
Hopefully, more hits are coming: British IDs, Australian IDs, New Zealand IDs, Canadian IDs, , Graduation Certificate, Vaccine Card, Green Card, Passport, etc.

We only produce quality cards.

We do many kinds of ID products well, such as DL, SSN, Vaccine card and the products cover all states in the United States.


One-stop shopping

With our professional technical team, with the help of ordering system, payment system, automatic mailing system and production management system, let us have the most convenient and efficient one-stop experience here.

This way you can order and pay directly without the help of customer service. We also support 24/7 online service. If you need any assistance, just click on the customer support system icon in the lower right corner of the screen to contact us.

Powerful payment methods support

Credit/debit Card, Venmo, Zelle, Bitcoin, WU, Bank transfer

There are several ways to pay for your order such as Credit/Debit card, Venmo, Zelle, Bitcoin (same as USDT), Western Union, etc.

If you are visiting our site for the first time, you may have many questions or even have had an unpleasant purchase experience on other fake ID websites or on the black market. For example, what if I place an order and you don’t receive it? What if the parcel is detained by the customs or lost en route? What if the IDs I receive are of poor quality or cannot be scanned for use? What if I already sent the money and you didn’t get it? What if I ask you about your order status and you don’t reply? What if I have paid, but you haven’t made or sent the fake ID to me?

How do you guarantee the safety of my transaction?

For new customers of our site, we strongly recommend that you use a Credit/Debit card for payment to ensure that your funds are more secure. Of course, no matter what payment method you choose, we will, as always, provide you with a comprehensive after-sales service.

We provide 24/7 online service

The industry is full of false advertising and fraud, and a few dishonest businesses have brought shame on the whole industry, which makes our clients hesitant to buy fake ID. We condemn them as you do, and do our best to illuminate the whole industry with our sincerity and efforts.

Whether you’re new to buying an ID for the first time, or you’re already familiar with it, you’ll find us very different. We are the only company in the industry that offers a 24/7 online service, and we provide comprehensive after-sales coverage for all kinds of problems.

1. Pre-sales service

If you need any help, please contact us. You can contact us by clicking on the customer service icon in the lower right corner of the website.

We provide a variety of ways for customer support through Phone/SMS/WhatsApp/Telegram/Email, you can choose any way you like to get a  quick response.

2. After-sales service

In all cases below, your new card will be remade and reshipped free of charge.

➤ The package is missing

➤ Serious logistics timeout

➤ Quality problems

➤ Inaccurate info on you ID

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